EPISODE 22 - Holly Holly Christmas


Flowers: One of natures perfect designs. Mother Nature’s perfect little painting. Flowers are the first time we truly notice something of significance.

They inspire us and that’s why we have Master Florist Tom Sakas here to discuss the parallels between flowers, floral design and interior design.

And since its only a couple weeks from Christmas, I want to talk about using nature, pines and pine cones, holly and berries and flowers that go far and beyond poinsettias.

So, this Christmas lets design our homes with flowers. Let’s get inspired by the beauty of nature! It’s the perfect time to bring the beauty of the outside into our homes.



This show “Seeing Red”,  is a show entirely dedicated to the color Red. The first in our series of December Christmas Design Shows I have color expert and color consultant Betsy Karp to talk all about it.

Seeing Red – The color that is so much apart of all of us. The color that protects us. That symbolizes courage and power, that fills our hearts with love and our minds with passion. We are going to talk about the history of red at Christmas time including why Santa’s suit is red, and why Rudolph has a red nose.

I explore using red inside our homes. Why red rooms are challenging and worthy of thoughtful consideration. Listen live tonight, perhaps with a glass of red wine or a piece of red velvet cake. 



My conversation with Darin Ronning and Travis Messinger from Bantam Tileworks.

Handcrafted tiles and myriad of colors makes Bantam Tile Works a unique and sought after company. I want to explore the techniques that give each and every tile it own unique quality. I want to hear all about the sensational range of available colors inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany!

Darin and Travis have a wonderful story of dedication to their craft, remarkable journey from the Lower Manhattan to Bantam CT. Join us for a fascinating conversation about the Heart and Soul of Bantam Tileworks



My conversation with Michele Dopp from Fabric and Steel. Fabric and Steel makes artisan-crafted textiles. Michele’s description of her design’s are revealing.

Fabric and Steel creates textiles that are thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted. The designs are emphatically of our time and reflection of who we are now. They capture our moments and refuse imitation.

I explore Michele’s design process and her sense of timelessness! 



On Tonight’s Show- “What The Eye Arranges”. My special guest Art Curator Paul Efstathiou from Highlight Curated. Paul and I are going to discuss his recent exhibition Highlight:Chelsea at the Hollis Taggart Galleries. Paul’s arrangement of 13 diverse artists into one gallery show was an achievement of design, intention and storytelling.

I am so excited to talk to Paul about how I believe Interior Designers curate homes in the same manner he curates art. We will compare his favorite piece of art with one of my favorite rooms. We will discuss “what the eye arranges” and how the Interior Designer and the Art Curator are responsible to tell a visual story; to focus the observant eye, to inform the onlooker and through composition invokes what is beautiful in front of us.



We are going to catch up on all the questions you have sent in and I haven’t had a chance to answer. I also, want to talk about how questions are crucial to the design process. How successful Interiors are dependent on robust and thoughtful questions.

And let’s not forget, that questions are a wonderful tool for discovering our likes and dislikes, project priorities and all the personal things you wouldn’t even tell your therapist!

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