On this week’s show “Tools Of The Trade- Architectural Glass” my conversations with Daniel Stewart from Bendheim Glass Co.

Daniel and I will discuss “transparency and reflection” with the use of architectural glass as a material of choice for Designers and Architects. Bendheim Glass has a long and important legacy as a leader and supplier of architectural glass in New York City and beyond.

David introduces tonight’s topic: glass and how we can use it within our homes. David discusses the metaphor of a glass house to show how glass offers beautiful transparency. He mentions the history of glass in architecture. He notes that transparency in a home can illuminate the interior and how glass can create a flow of light throughout a space.

David is joined by Daniel Stewart. Daniel shares how he finds beauty in his bed, in how it exudes both feminine and masculine energies. Daniel describes the process of how glass is laminated to prevent shattering in architectural design. Daniel shares how color and texture contribute to the possibilities available when working with glass. Daniel explains the various ways glass has been used in his past projects.

David and Daniel discuss the new technologies available working with glass. Daniel describes a Texas bar project where they used chicken wire glass as an example of the seemingly endless possibilities when using glass in design projects. They touch on different ways glass can be used to optimize design in a space.  

David and Daniel take questions from the listeners. Daniel responds to the first question by explaining how to manage the amount of sunlight coming in via large windows. The second question deals with the differing thickness in glass and how best to use glass when remodeling cabinets.