On this week’s show, The Devils In The Details, my conversation with Bob Sherman from the High End Construction Firm – C Square Contracting. Bob and I will discuss custom home building and renovation!

I am anxious to talk with Bob about proper preparation; defining in advance challenges and difficulties facing the design team and the client. He has an innate ability for creative problem solving throughout the home building process.

And because of Bob’s and C Squares’s years of experience and know how we will discuss, the ever present list of details – the thousands of small details that define the character of the home.

David begins the show mentioning the big picture and how he visualizes homes when working on a new project. He notes how interior designers set the visual agenda and determine the style path in newly constructed homes or apartments. He tells how details are critical to any design project. He muses not only about the challenges in the details; but also how the details are where the home emerges to express and define itself.

Bob Sherman joins the show and begins by sharing how he sees beauty in simplicity. He notes how he was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and how he applied his simple approach to his own home. David and Bob discuss the importance of a qualified contractor in design projects. Bob tells how thorough planning facilitates successful projects. Bob lists key characteristics that help develop trust between contractors and clients.

Bob and David elucidate the importance of collaboration between designers and contractors. Bob reiterates how planning helps prevent difficulties when working on a project. They discuss some of the challenges they face working in New York City and how they create solutions for their clients. Bob mentions the importance of honesty and open communication in maintaining good client relations especially when unexpected problems arise.  

David and Bob take questions from the listeners in tonight’s final segment. The first question explores blackout shades and how to incorporate them in a home. David and Bob agree that referrals from a satisfied client are key to their business. They reiterate how contractors and designers should be punctual, communicative, and responsive to build client relationships. Bob breaks down what goes into a contractor’s punch list.