On this week’s Show “And So To Bed” My conversation with Gayle Hoffman from Yves Delorme Paris.

Gayle is an expert on all things bedding, including luxurious sheets, towels, pillows, comforters and all the proper ways to sleep well.

We will discuss Yves Delorme’s internationally known bedding fashion and like all the great Parisian Fashion Houses how they set the stage and the trend for bedroom design and style to come.

I’m anxious to discuss the design process, the artistry of their patterns, color and quality. And so to bed we shall go!!

David begins tonight discussing the love he has for his bed at home. He muses about the importance of sleep in our lives and why we should give the bedroom the design priority it deserves. David notes how clients often leave the bedroom for last in design projects. He shares some tips for designing the key elements to a comfortable bed.

David welcomes Gayle and asks her about beauty. Gayle defines beauty as what inspires her senses. Gayle describes the attention to detail and sensibility she sees in Yves Delorme’s work. They discuss how Yves Delorme designs pattern by season to speak to their clients in over 71 countries. Gayle notes what sets Yves Delorme apart as an international company that still maintains its family owned and quality first identity.

David and Gayle continue their conversation by exploring how bedmaking is a personal decision.They offer advice on how to decide what pillows best fit your comfort needs. They describe what to consider beyond just thread count when choosing sheets. Gayle and David describe how Yves Delorme has a goal to create a lifestyle within the home. They encourage listeners to take a similar approach to designing their homes.

David and Gayle take listeners questions. They give recommendation about colors that work well when designing a bedroom.They explain textures and how to layer when making bedding choices. They advise on how to make sheets last longer and to avoid over-drying. They also note how to purchase new patterns and build on current sheet patterns instead of using the same sheets repeatedly.