On this week’s show “Simply Elegant” my conversation with Lighting Designer David Burya, principal at Tirschwell and Co the leading Architectural Lighting Design company throughout the world.

David and I will discuss the elegance of Interior lighting from programming, comprehensive plan making and fixture selections to lighting philosophies and environment aesthetics.

David begins tonight’s show exploring the meaning of elegance. David wonders aloud whether elegance has become harder to come by in our time. He traces how his definition of elegance has changed to mean subtle, appropriate, authentic, and graceful. He notes how technology has allowed us to insert elegance into our homes in the way we design our lighting.    

David T. and David B. being their conversation with their ideas of beauty. David B. finds beauty in simple and appropriate aesthetics. David B. stresses the importance of light and lighting’s potential to evoke emotions. He describes how elegant lighting is a balance and strength and ease. David B. further explains how elegant lighting helps you to focus on the environment of a space rather than simply the light fixtures.

David B. recounts some of his most notable projects for residential and commercial spaces. He details his collaborative process working with architects to ensure his lighting design matches the vision for the space. David B. notes the importance of collaboration, pragmatism, and listening when working to optimize the lighting design to match a client’s vision. They touch on how LED technology offers more options for lighting choices.

David and David take questions from the listeners in the show’s final segment. David B. touches on the ways he works with clients to determine what emotions to evoke with a lighting design and how he advises clients on what is appropriate for a space. They consider the use of colored light and when colored light bulbs could work within a home.