On this week’s show Knock On Wood”. my conversation with Eric Herman from State of the Art Wood Floor Gallery.

Eric and I will discuss aesthetic value of wood flooring. The enormous array of styles, finishes and qualities available today.

We will discuss proper home environmental conditions. Engineered wood flooring vs. Solid wood flooring. Eric is an expert on the state of the art in wood flooring and I am anxious to discuss with him all about it.

David begins with the story of why he often knocks on wood at the beginning of a design project. He introduces tonight’s topic of wood flooring. David then traces the history and development of wood flooring throughout American history.

Eric Herman shares how he sees beauty in his family and he sees beauty in the comfort his home affords him. Eric describes working in New York and how engineered floors have become state of the art in the industry. Eric notes the various techniques used to create unique and lasting flooring. David and Eric describe the technical details of engineered flooring and how it varies from traditional wood flooring. They offer tips on how to make flooring design choices based on your preferences and budget.

David and Eric continue their conversation with the topic of subflooring. Eric discusses the environmental conditions within homes and how wood flooring can be affected by its environment. Eric notes how relative humidity can affect the wood flooring. Eric offers guidelines for what finishes work best in highly trafficked areas of your home or business.

David and Eric take questions from the listeners in tonight’s final segment. They break down the cost differences between carpeting and wood flooring. David and Eric describes the costs and benefits of using wood flooring in your home. Eric notes the social concerns and how companies ensure that wood is harvested correctly without causing environmental damage.