“You Say Decorator……”

My Guest This week Interior Designer Ray Martin has had a remarkable career spanning the decades and cross crossing the nation.

Ray and I have had projects in the same neighbor at the same time in San Francisco and Miami. Ray and I are going to talk about the differences between a Decorator and an Interior Designer and I am excited to talk to Ray about his prestigious career, his design vision and his relationships with his clients!

I want to talk about design in Miami and how Ray approaches it differently than in New York or San Francisco for that matter. Finally, Ray and I are going to speak about the changing Interior Design Trade and what the future holds for the Industry.

David talks about the differences between a decorator and an interior designer. He goes on to talk about Sister Parish and the influence she had as a decorator. Jeff talks about Albert Hadley and his influence and the work that he put into his craft as an interior designer. He explains why it’s important to recognize the differences between the two and that “interior designers may decorate but decorators do not interior design.”

Ray talks about what his definition of beauty is and how it inspires you to be who and what you want to be. He continues talking about what the differences are between decorators and interior designers and how it boils down to training. David and Ray talk about their role being dependent upon what the client needs. Ray talks about the designs and styles in his house growing up and how he got involved in interior designing. He talks about where he draws inspiration from when working on projects.

Ray talks about what it’s like having projects throughout the world including in New York, Florida and Dubai. He talks about how the aesthetics that his clients want differ in the different areas. He talks about how he incorporates art and accessories into his projects. David talks about how light differs in different cities and how that goes into interior designing.

Ray talks more about his projects in the Middle East. David and Ray talk about where Ray gets his sourcing from and the aesthetics that his clients look for. They talk about the generational shift and how they balance out their newer clients. They talk about how to mood light a room and what their favorite colors are.