On This Week’s Show – “Everything Old Is New Again” my conversation with Mary McGowen from Richomme, Inc.

Richomme is the top antique restoration company in the New York metropolitan area and beyond. Mary and I are going to discuss the value of having antiques in our homes! We will talk all about specialized finishes and whether to restore, refinish or touch up important furniture.

And finally, how Richomme can magically build furniture from any period, any style using any material with exacting skill and expert knowledge. 

David starts the show by talking about the idea of our “throw away” mindset today, and how antiques are sustainable. David explains the great value of antique pieces–they last longer, are a way of expression, and show your style. David enjoys that no piece is the same, and that antiques make a house a home with personal value.

David starts this segment by introducing Mary McGowen of Richomme, Inc. Mary and David talk about the meaning of beauty in the home, as well as their history together in the interior design world and Mary’s start in the antique restoration business. Mary talks about her start with Richomme back in 1993, and when it’s worth it to restore a piece. David talks to Mary about the the best finish for all different kinds of projects, and what’s going to add the most value. Mary explains how to care for an antique piece of furniture.

Mary and David begin by discussing the detail of antique furniture and fixing small aspects of older pieces. David talks about specific pieces he has had while Mary talks about pieces she’s worked on, including ivory. Mary tells David about working with clients and focusing on what the client wants or helping them decide. Mary talks about blending unique finishes like shagreen, which is used for anything from trays to inserts on desks. Mary talks about her new transportation service of fine pieces.

Mary and David start to take questions from listeners, and begin with different types of wood and the characteristics of Oak and Mahogany. They move on to answer another question shellac for wood and the importance of it and when to use it. Listeners ask David and Mary about the way you can lime a piece of furniture, what looks best in the same room and if you can create a piece of furniture by using a photo.