DT Interiors will meet with you to discuss the project and the scope of the work keeping in mind your budget and expectations. We discuss the desired function of the space, actions needed and a timeline.  If you think we are a good fit we dive deeper and begin to design preferences and vision for the space.  


We create a floor-plan and begin to develop a color scheme that communicates your vision. We begin to source furniture, fixtures, materials for flooring, walls, counters and cabinetry. A lighting concept is developed. Drawings, samples and conceptual images are gathered. Quotes and pricing are researched. Your needs, budget, and tastes are all considered in every product and design element we present to you. 


Once we receive your approval for the design concepts a schedule is developed and we begin the process of building our team through contractor and tradesmen bids. Once the team is pulled together we begin the work of installing all elements of the plan and making our vision a reality.  During this phase DT Interior's experience and expertise will allow for adaptation as some ideas or concepts may change.  Our commitment to your needs is paramount. 


Once the project is complete we do a thorough walk-through and create a punch list for refinements. DT Interiors will deem the project complete only when our company philosophy and Mission Statement is fulfilled:  A well-designed space is practical, personal and prophetic; it must fulfill even our clients’ unspoken needs and wants, how they live and hope to live in the future, both publicly and privately.