On Tonight’s Show – “A Beautiful Home” my conversation with Denis Rosenberg from Birch Family Services. It has been my honor to work with Denis and the entire staff at Birch Family Services to create and design homes for adults with Autism. Birch Family Services imagines a world where individuals with autism and developmental disabilities are celebrated for their abilities, uniqueness, and potential.

Dennis and I will talk about the challenges; and there are many, but the rewards are great! Everyone deserves to live in a beautiful home. 

David talks about the importance of love and how it helps to build a beautiful home. He talks about how moved he has been working with Denis and Birch Family Services. David talks about how honored he has been to work with birch Family Service to guide designs for people with autism. He says that Denis knows better knows better the difficulties but they both know the rewards. David says a house is not a home and that the best chance of live starts at home.   

David talks about how working with Birch Family Services taught him a lot about his craft and what he found to be beautiful. Denis discuss the history of Birch Family Services and what they do. David and Denis talk about the founder being a pioneer in launching schools for children with autism and her other works. They discuss Willowbrook State School and its awful medical conditions for those it housed. David and Denis talk about the work they do at Birch Family Services.

David and Denis discuss the process of designing homes for adults with autism. Denis tells David what the motivation was for seeking him out in the first place. They talk about the challenges and things that they don’t use depending on the population of the home. They talk about how they infuse colors into the residences for expression.

David and Denis discuss the similarities and differences in designing homes for high end clients and Birch homes. Denis answers questions about the financial aspects of Birch homes. David explains more about the colors they use in the Birch homes and the vibrations the colors have. David and Denis talk about steps they take to secure residents from harm.