On this week’s show – “Geometry Of Design” my conversation with furniture designer David Khouri from KGBL – unapologetic modern furniture. David and his partners produce pieces that incorporate unique materials and have developed and created a collection not seen in other furniture on the market today or for that matter, in furniture design analogs.

Their credo is – unless it brings something new to the bigger design conversation, it is not worthy to of the collection. And that is exactly why I am excited to talk to David. I want to have the bigger design conversation with one of the finest contemporary furniture designers working today.

David Thiergartner welcomes modern furniture designer and co founder David Khouri of KGBL, “unapologetically modern furniture”. KGBL has taken their design aesthetic into uncharted territory geometric planes with a lightness of form. Khouri talks about beauty and what draws us all to it.

Khouri who went to school for architecture decided to move to furniture design because he preferred the instant gratification of watching something come to life. Khouri describes his design process and in that process asks of himself how can he can design something in a way that hasn’t been thought of before. He draws inspiration from the materials he uses in its natural form and from general observation. Khouri believes good design is about subtraction.

Khouri talks about the name KGBL, which stands for Khouri, Guzman and Bunce which was initially KGB. After receiving negative feedback for the name KGB they decided to change the name to KGBL. Khouri describes how he sees is own furniture. He feels it has a mid-century feel with a visual lightness, furniture that respects the negative space. He describes the concept of reading the architecture around the furniture. He talks about how designing is about iteration and the process of designing a piece is something that involves evolution and change.

David Thiergartner takes questions from listeners. Khouri is asked if KGBL get requests to do custom pieces with custom sizing. Khouri gets asked about the finishes of KGBL designs and how unique they are. Khouri is asked what kind of new pieces KGBL is designing.. Khouri says he always wants to be doing something that’s different otherwise he feels there’s no point in doing it.