On this week’s show, my conversation with Interior Designer Bachman BrownBachman has been featured in the New York Times and Traditional Homes.

I want to explore the power of dreams in the design process and the role of the Interior Designer in making their clients dreams come true!

David starts off the show talking about his dreams that and how most of them in life have come true. He also mentions that dreaming helps with his creativity when it comes to interior designing and that he loves making the clients dreams come true, putting down the belief that no dream is too big. He introduces interior designer, Bachman Brown. Like David, Bachman loves to turn dreams into a reality.

Bachman Brown joins the show. He thinks that without authenticity, there is no beauty and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, including his library where he can’t stop looking through his books. Bachman has always been dreaming, especially when he was young and acting out all of his dreams long before becoming an interior designer. He and David talk about dreaming big and how achieving goals step-by-step and being creative can change the thinking of a designer and, ultimately, the lives of clients.

David continues his conversation with Bachman Brown. The guys talk about Bachman’s beginnings as a young designer, including his first job as an assistant to another designer, to his first big project, and finally opening his business. Bachman mentions that he loves his career and still connects very well with his clients. He doesn’t have a particular style, as most of his work is different with every client. Plus, he and David have one thing in common, they both enjoy working on the design sketches for houses. Then, a discussion about books and films. How can reading or watching movies also influence the work of an interior designer?

David and Bachman take questions from listeners. First we find out, how did Bachman get his first name? Also, the guys talk more about dreams, visualizing before putting designs on paper,  imagination and figuring out what is beautiful to you, and can seeing things with the inner eye be natural or self-taught?