On this week’s show “Jungle Artist”. My conversation with Sustainable Artist Alexandra Climent

Alexandra’s creative spark with ignited while working for a Marine Construction Company. That spark turned into a passion for woodworking and exotic woods from the rain forest and the jungles of South America.

Sustainable material became her mission and exposing the grain, the the distinctive rare color and the natural beauty became her art. I am fascinated by Alexandra’s journey and anxious to talk about her beautifully turned bowls, her boxes and her furniture designs.

David introduces tonight’s guest Alexandra Climent and her unique artwork. He muses on the origin of inspiration and ponders where creativity originates. He notes how creativity comes from within and his interest in exploring Alexandra’s creativity. David then describes his own creativity and how it has grown throughout his career.

David and Alexandra begin with the idea of beauty. Alexandra talks about the beauty she sees in the objects collected throughout her travels. Alexandra traces her artistic journey beginning in childhood and describes her experiences in the jungles of South America. She details how she collaborates with native cultures to find the trees used in her projects. They touch on how passion and purpose are crucial to artistic expression. They agree showing people things they’ve never seen before is one of the great joys of creating art.    

David and Alexandra delve into the woodworking process. Alexandra discusses the challenges of working with the wood after she brought it back from South America. She elucidates her message of sustainably working with wood to create beautiful art. David expresses how Alexandra’s art demonstrates the importance of sustainable art and preserving rainforests. They touch on the fear of the unknown and how artists can overcome fear to express their creativity.  

David and Alexandra take listener questions. Alexandra offers advice to a listener looking to travel internationally to pursue art. They discuss the wood gathering process and the supplies available. Alexandra shares how she finds inspiration in Coney Island. They conclude with a message about how artists and consumer can be more responsible when sourcing their materials.