Everything’s Coming Up Roses” my guest is florist and owner of La Fleur d’Harlem – Louis Gagliano.

Louis is one of those master florist that paints with flowers and uses petals and stems to write poetry. Louis’ goal is to help his clients express themselves, whether the feelings are love, admiration, respect or sympathy; Louis transforms those feelings into breathtaking flower arrangements.

David talks about everything around him being roses. When he sees roses he thinks of hope, his dreams and promises that are being made. He can’t imagine his life without flowers and he says flowers make his life perfect. David enjoys looking into glass shops and witnessing couples receiving flowers with a smile on their faces. When someone gives you a flower it’s to be remembered and flowers should be used in your everyday life for home decorations, to give to your loved ones or for you to smell so you can get a sense of nature.

David introduces his guest Louis and he defines beauty as structure, which comes with organizing and looking at the big picture. Louis discusses his childhood where he grew up in a construction environment called Staten Island. His neighborhood was filled with trees, which made him interested owning his own flower shop. Louis explains how he became a florists and he was inspired by the different experiences he was involved with, such as seeing the different colors in flowers. Louis talks about his florists shop giving the customers a variety of different flowers that they can choose from. Some of the challenges Louis face as a florist, is seeing how long the flowers can last standing without falling down throughout the day.”It’s like building something”Louis says, which goes back to the foundation of structure. Structure is what pushes Louis to go further and try new things that he never done before. He then discusses how the flower arrangements process goes. He would ask the customers what their preference is and from there he takes the lead to develop the final outcome.

David and Louis play a quick flower game discussing different types of flowers. They go into discussion describing the different type of flower seasons and the variety of colors they have. Louis gives flower tips on how to keep the flowers alive. He then describes his favorite flower and color. Louis’ favorite flower is a rose and he likes how the flower opens up beautifully. The color he enjoys the most is yellow. He describes the color yellow being a bright and happy color. In order for the customers to be happy, Louis suggest the customers should give him a layout of what they want, so he can get an idea of how the flowers should look.

Louis tells the listeners how to keep flowers in your home alive. The bacteria in the water kills the flower and if the stem does not have a fresh cut, the stem would not keep the flower alive. Also, you should change the water mostly everyday or every 2 days to keep the flower moist. If the customer is not happy with the flower arrangements, Louis and his florists team would be more than happy to replace the original product. For this not to happen, its up to the customers to give a lot of information to the florist so you can avoid this problem. Flowers should be given to everyone, including men without a problem.