On this week’s show – “Prelude”, my Guest is Furniture and Lighting Showroom Owner Dennis Miller from Dennis Miller Associates!

Before I see it; Dennis Miller sees it first! Dennis Miller Associates is a trade resource for fine contemporary furniture, lighting, and carpets. The company is dedicated to providing trend-setting, luxurious design created by the best of today’s designers.

David talks about the prelude of design in a furniture store. He then explains what Dennis Miller sees for the future. He then explains the elements on furniture, which is about the layout and interior design. The concept idea of furniture is to explain what’s the future idea for furniture and all the elements that make up interior design.

Dennis explains the beauty of his home. He went on to explain what’s meaningful to him travel and looked for things that were meaningful to him. He studied architecture and realized being an architect is fun, but he wanted to expand his career and in the mid 80s, he developed a furniture showroom full of personality. Dennis explains what inspired him to create the furniture showroom and how it is for interior designers to get an idea of what it’s like to be in that business. Dennis talks about what the showroom represents and how he can keep the creativity alive. He explains how he got into his business and how he grew up around art, which made him follow his passion in architecture.

Dennis talks about how people can see the future in furniture. In his showroom, it displays the past, which you can reflect on in the future. He discusses some past architecture designers artwork that he likes. Dennis explains how some qualities of an artist’s artwork can make the furniture feel special. He explains how he is fascinated with a furniture designers artwork. His company is currently working on a quick ship program for designers. Dennis Miller explains the importance of his showroom, which is the clarity of vision in the world.

Dennis  explains the trade pricing of furniture. He then explains the retail and trade off prices. Dennis explains how his furniture showroom sells products that are not on the showroom floor. He explains how furniture showrooms change their look frequently. Dennis discusses his favorite piece of his showroom and how his company will succeed in the future.