My Guest This Week is Color and Design Expert Andrea Magno from Benjamin Moore Paints!

Andrea and I are going to talk all about – how color tells the stories of our life’s and more importantly our homes! We will discuss the vast array of Benjamin Moore’s available paint colors, their color research and what I am excited about discussing color trending from year to year.

I want to discuss quality of paints and what makes Benjamin Moore the leader in fine interior and exterior paints throughout the country.

David talks about the colors of his life and how color has a story and feelings and meanings behind them. He reminisces about memories of his grandfather  and how the color red evokes these memories. He talks about colors being what we remember the most in television and movies . He explains how personality can be determined by the colors  on chooses for themselves and that interior designers look for color cues from their clients.

Andrea tells a personal color story of her own. Andrea talks about Benjamin Moore helping people to transform their home into somewhere they’re comfortable in through the use of color.  David and Andrea discuss people being more open to color ideas and try them out. They talk about understanding color in different light sources and how to determine which color to use in a home.

David and Andrea talk about undertones in colors and how to math them. They play a game to match people with Benjamin Moore colors. David and Andrea talk about what colors they would use to paint a powder room. They talk about the importance of the name of a color.  Andrea talks about finding ways to go bold and use deeper colors in the home.

Andrea talks about Benjamin Moore’s website abilities to pair colors with coordinating colors. She talks about the eco friendly paints available and how healthy the paints Benjamin Moore offers are. Andrea discusses her favorite part of her work. She talks about the best way to approach moving through a house with a color flow.